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Frequently Asked Questions

      Memberships can be availed through 3-options: 

  • Option-1: Purchase products worth AED 75 and receive a free one-month membership, including all the relevant services listed.
  • Option-2: Spend AED 200 on products and enjoy a free three-month membership with complete premium services.
  • Option-3: Acquire a one-month membership for AED 30 or opt for a three-month membership at AED 75, both offering access to all the applicable services.

      Presently, we offer one month and 3-month membership.

        You will get the following services free depending on the type of membership you are opting for:

  • Health Parameters report
  • Bioenergy/Dosha Complete report
  • Biological Ageing report
  • Customized Exercise Program- 3 months
  • Customized Diet Program-3 months
  • Special Discounts on Products
  • Free one-time shipping for purchase of AED 100 or more
  • Priority Customer Support

Sign up free and get points for free 14-days membership and take your first step towards a disease free life

    The measurements and calculations displayed on your dashboard stem from a rigorous algorithm grounded in extensive research from leading universities, published papers, and medical journals. This foundation underpins our advanced and innovative algorithm, ensuring accurate and personalized reports tailored to yo

    We suggest undergoing a simple blood test encompassing nine parameters every six months. This enables you to track changes influenced by the program effectively. You can conveniently schedule these blood tests at any nearby clinic.

      The dashboard is connected to your membership. It will be active when your membership is valid.

    Just click on the “Book Consultation” icon on the home page or your dashboard, and it will take you to the appointment and booking page.

    You can pay online using your credit or debit card.

    Yes. We use the best of online security measures to protect our users.

    You can either WhatsApp or email to place your request and our representative based in U.A.E. will assist you.

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